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Perfilstone is a company which mainly dedicates to the design and production of anchoring systems for natural or artificial stone ventilated facades.

The large assortment of available systems allow us to adapt, in the best way, to your needs.

We have stainless steel, aluminum or mixed profiles systems; systems of direct or adjustable punctual anchoring systems as well as light cladding systems for ceramic, fibrocement or composite claddings, among others. We also commercialize every kind of accessories for tile fixing (staples, installation plugs, resins, etc).

Everything mentioned, supported by a continuous technical help provided by our Technical Office, which will be in charge of giving advice, management and monitoring in projects, structural calculations and all kind of solutions for an optimal installation of your system of ventilated facade.

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A New Horizon

On the other hand, Perfilstone has launched a second line of business based on existing technology and oriented to the future:  virtual reality. This way, starting from 3D modeling and render presentation or animation videos, our graphic design department has evolved towards what we consider the model of the future: the interactive immersive virtual reality applied to architecture and interior design.

To achieve this goal, we use the most advanced VR technology available nowadays, taking full advantage for the devices which provide the most realistic interactive experience on the market.

As a consequence, nowadays, we are in condition to claim that we are at the vanguard of technology oriented to architectural visualization and interior design.

Because all the mentioned above, we invite you to `have a walk` through our website and discovering everything we can do for you.

Welcome to Perfilstone.

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